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Speedy spanners for busy bees!

Richard Hayes & Beverley Motor Works

At the moment I am an extremely busy Insurance Broker rushing here there and everywhere making sure I meet my clients' expectations. In fact, I was so busy that I was struggling to find the time to get my car in for the service that was needed.

peace of mind and a place to work as I waited

To the rescue came Richard Hayes from Beverley Motor Works, not only did he change the original date for me to fit in with my own busy schedule, they also let me use their client office area to do my own work whilst waiting for my car to be serviced.
It seems it was important because I needed new tyres and also my brakes need looking at – ah, so that is why I have trouble stopping!

I do not know of any other motor garage in the area which provides such an excellent service – Coffee, Wine, Easter Eggs were all there for the taking - even a refill of coffee was offered!

a happy smile for the extra mile

So, for the best service, for both car and owner, I will be recommending everyone to go to Beverley Motor Works. Excellent service with a smile makes it worth travelling that extra mile.

Thank you to everyone at Beverley Motor Works,

Kim Dalton

Kim Dalton, ACII, DipHI, DipNDEAL3

The Insurance Partnership

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